IAESTE Midwest Spring Retreat 2006

Post Spring Retreat, 2006


The 2006 Midwest Spring Retreat has ended, but there are a lot of great memories. Thank you very much to every who attended the conference. We would also like to send out a special thank you to Carol Kuhn and her family, for helping Joel plan and carry out this awesome weekend.

Carol Kuhn has asked to have a letter posted to all the IAESTE Spring Retreat attendees. Also posted are the recipes from the weekend.

Wrap up letter from the Hostess
Recipes from the 2006 Spring Retreat

Keep checking the website to see new updates and pictures posted.

April 7th - 9th, 2006

Welcome to the IAESTE 2006 Midwest Regional Retreat Webpage. On this page you should be able to find all the information you could possibly need in preparation for the retreat. Get pumped to attend the retreat by checking out our schedule, and get ready to have a great time. This year's retreat will be held at the home of Joel Kuhn, our Midwest Regional Representative.



If you have any questions about any of the material you find (or don't find) on this webpage, please feel free to email Joel Kuhn, the organizer, or Zeb Plotnick, the webmaster. (Contact info available on the "Contact Us" page, link below).


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A brief warning:
Poison Ivy is somewhat common in southeastern wisconsin and Windy
Maples is no exception. Although it may not be in full bloom by early April, please make sure look for it and avoid it.


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