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About Us

IAESTE is a student organization at UW-Madison that facilitates international internships for students with technical studies. The LC (local committee) at Madison is just one of many LCs across the nation and the globe. As a local committee we network with local industry and research groups in Madison and Wisconsin to find internships. Our parent committee, IAESTE United States or the U.S. national committee, communicates between other IAESTE committees in other nations and sets up the exchanges between countries. IAESTE's primary focus is on building global skills for tomorrow's technical leaders through internship exchanges. In an age of industrial globalization, international work experience is priceless.

A Brief History

IAESTE the international organization started in 1948 in London, but wasn't brought to the United States until the fall of 1949 and spring of 1950 when the first committee was started at MIT. Since then much had changed, and IAESTE United States needed a way to make IAESTE a national program. That's when, in 1997, IAESTE intoduced local committees. That year, the first LC was started at the University of Michigan. The Madison LC was founded in October 1998, the second LC formed in the United States with Chad Jansen and Marianne Bird Bear as the advisor. Madison won the first IAESTE United States Local Committee of the year in 2000. As an homage to Wisconsin, the now traveling trophy is a silver milk pail, affectionately named “The Bucket.” Madison hosted the Fall Regional Conference in 2001 and 2006 and the Spring Regional Retreat in 2003. To this day, IAESTE-Madsion continues to be heavily involved with IAESTE nationally.


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As a professional organization, IAESTE-Madison focuses on personal and professional developement for students in technical fields. We hold several fun social and business events throughout the year. In the past some of activities and traditions have included:

On the business end, IAESTE-Madison primarily raises jobs and networks with local employers in the Madison and Wisconsin area. Employers can be in industry or within the university who have research on campus looking for a hired hand. We are always looking to expand our network of contacts. IAESTE-Madison also hosts a series of fundraising events to support our members, events, and international interns.

In the spring, the LC goes from the team atmosphere of the fall to a more personal focus as people are waiting for placement. The national conference kicks off the year and is usually held in Baltimore, MD and we like to send as many people as possible to this event. Following that, IAESTE goes through elections and the ever so important placement process. We supply all the tools necessary to get placed abroad. In late spring, the Spring Retreat is another key LC event where all the LC's of the region prepare to host the interns.

Interested in Learning More?

Meetings will be held once a month, usually on Thursday evenings. Be sure to get on the email list to get updated! Email Corinne Trott at ctrott@wisc.edu for information. Meetings are, at maximum, one hour long. Come to the meetings to find out how you can help IAESTE-Madison and get yourself an internship abroad!

Can't Make it to a Meeting? Have a question?

If you can't make it to a meeting and you want to learn more about the organization, please feel free to contact us.