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Interested in finding out more, or have a question? Feel free to contact us using the information below.

Phone Number & Mailing Address:

Office Phone Number: 608/234-4221

IAESTE Madison
M1092 Engineering Centers Building
1550 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Direct Officer Contact


President: Corinne Trott

The President is the one who runs the Local Committee (LC). They coordinate the actions of the other officers and prepare and run weekly meetings.

Email: ctrott@wisc.edu
Office Hours: Pending


Job Raising Coordinator: Grant Herrman

• contacts companies and UW research labs about hosting interns
• answers questions regarding traineeship development
• puts interested parties in touch with IAESTE US

Email: gherrman@wisc.edu
Office Hours: Pending

Membership Officer: Oni Hartwell

• develops recruitment plan
• plans and conducts recruitment events
• advertises at dorms, classes, clubs, etc
• assists students with IAESTE application process

Email: ohartwell@wisc.edu
Office Hours: Pending


Underclassman Representative: Stephen Slattery

The Underclassmen Representative is in charge of assisting with underclassmen recruitment as well as planning some social events.

Email: sslattery2@wisc.edu
Office Hours: Pending


Financial Chair: Samuel Rusk
• develops & maintains budget
• fundraises (through fundraisers and corporate donations)

Email: srusk@wisc.edu
Office Hours: Pending


Campus Involvement Chair: Position available, contact ctrott@wisc.edu for information

• organizes social events to further the knowledge of IAESTE
• fundraises (through fundraisers and corporate donations)

Email: TBD@wisc.edu
Office Hours: Pending


Webmaster: Greg Johnson

• assists interns with logistics of living in Madison
• updates and maintains IAESTE Madison website/calendar/Wisconsin Involvement Network page
• maintains social media sites (facebook and twitter)

Email: gojohnson@wisc.edu
Office Hours: Pending


Reception: Joyce Wu

• Maintains the webpage, facebook, and twitter account.

Email: jwu227@wisc.edu
Office Hours: Pending