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Thinking of hosting an intern? Below you will find explanations about the program, responsibilities of employers, and forms needed to hire an IAESTE intern.

How You Can Help

There are several different ways to help out IAESTE. The most common is to host an intern, but donations and corporate partnerships play a big role in helping us function as an organization. Any help that you can give us is greatly appreciated.


Getting An Intern

Getting an intern is a pain-free and simple process. Below are the three steps needed to hire an IAESTE intern.

Step 1:

Determine you company or research institute's need for an intern, including qualifications and timeframe and fill out the Offer of Training Form.

Step 2:

In January, your offer is exchanged with offers from over eighty different countries, who will each in turn nominate a qualified student candidate.

Step 3:

During the spring, you either acccept or reject the candidate. There's no obligation to hire the intern if he or she does not suit your company's needs. If you accept, IAESTE United States will finalize all of the paperwork, including J-1 visa authorization.


As a non-profit organization, IAESTE United States depends on program fees to offset the costs of administering programs. The per-intern fee includes health insurance, assuring that your international intern is insured for the duration of his/her program.

Length of Program 0-3 Months 4-6 Months 7-12 Months
University Employer Fee free free free
Industry Employer Fee $1025 $1525 $2025

All internships are paid positions. The salary should be enough to cover living expenses, which in the Madison area is generally between eight and twelve dollars an hour.

LC Invlovment

The local IAESTE committee at Madison is here to help! In addition to filling out the paperwork, we also provide support for the interns and employer. This includes, but is not limited to:


Serving as training grounds for tomorrow’s global technical leaders, IAESTE Local Committees are made up of student volunteers at 29 of the best technical and scientific universities in the United States. With your support, IAESTE United States can provide these students with opportunities such as:

As a program of AIPT, a private nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization, IAESTE United States receives support from corporations and universities interested in promoting its mission. Its operational costs are not entirely covered by fees. If you are interested in supporting IAESTE United States, please consider donating to the program today. Donations are tax deductible as charitable contributions.

Unless otherwise stipulated, donations will go to the general support of IAESTE United States programs, scholarships, and conferences. IAESTE United States also seeks support through in kind donations, such as equipment and time. You can even partner with Local Committees by mentoring students or speaking at conferences and events.

If you would like to give, please visit the IAESTE United States donations page.

Corporate Partnerships


Corporate Partnership complements your recruiting efforts at the country's best technical universities while supporting quality programs aimed at developing your company's future employees and leaders. Corporate partners gain access to IAESTE student members through organized student chapters at 25 of America's best technical universities.


Our corporate partners not only build a positive company image and name recognition to an informed technical audience, but also receive tangible benefits such as targeted recruiting, international internship location services, and conference participation discounts.


Input from our corporate partners helps shape curriculum trends as well as develop student interest in research and emerging technologies. Corporate interaction helps IAESTE educators understand more fully the needs of industry and enables them to prepare their students to meet these needs. Through your active participation, your company can help support the education of engineers and scientists who will impact the technical marketplace of tomorrow. Your company representatives can also meet and interact with our Local Committees across the country.

More information about corporate parnerships is available here.